In the age of digital connectivity and experience,

how do you put your customer at the centre of your communications?

In the age of digital connectivity and experience,

how do you put your customer at the centre of your communications?

What we do

We empower brands to realise the value of customer-centric communication by a rapid diagnostic evaluation and a tailored programme of change to align leadership, people, strategy, and partners to embed “The C3 Vital Signs” of successful practice

The challenge

Although the age of digital connectivity and experience creates great opportunity for brand marketers, many still struggle to understand and remain truly connected with their customers throughout their entire journey.

The reason is that many brand organisations still struggle with marketing in the digital age and operate with siloed functions, legacy structures, and disconnected processes.

Getting it right matters more than ever before, because the overwhelming evidence is that customer centricity is increasingly a clear advantage in business, and brands that can create and deliver customer-centric communication create more value.


Do not share a view of their customers*


Do not have easy access to good data*


Believe teams do not collaborate effectively across departments*

*2018 C3 Partnership report

Our definition of customer centric communication

Personalised & Relevant

Targeted communication using the most appropriate audience channels through interesting and relevant content

Seamless and Contextual

Timely delivery that complements the customer journey using consistent, applicable messaging

Engaging and Respectful

A human (and sometimes fun), two-way interaction between brand and customer that provides helpful advice

Our diagnostic approach

Our diagnostic

Through our proprietary diagnostic, we explore the five “Vital Signs” identified as key contributors to customer-centric communication:


80 Global Brand Marketers representing $10bn advertising spend reveal the overwhelming challenge they face to align marketing communication.  Access our latest report below:

About the C3 Partnership

About the

C3 Partnership

A joint initiative bringing together combined expertise in organisational design, media and technology to support and enable brands to deliver truly customer-centric communications

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